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I found WinDev better than Android Studio, Here's why.

Take your ticket for a tour on WinDev. No worries, I'm not insulting Android Studio here, it's a great tool too

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·May 14, 2022·

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Welcome to my second blog article !

At first, if someone doesn't know what it's WinDev : there is its website (the French one can be found here). I wanna talk about the product only, not the marketing or other stuffs about this brand.

I used Android Studio during 1 year to build Android mobile apps. I liked this software and I know Java/Kotlin enough rightly, so it was great for me and my usage.

I lose something like 2 contracts because the customer wanted an IOS/Android app, and I don't know Javascript frameworks as well to make a big app (in addition of that, I don't really like these kind of technologies - sorry my web dev friends)

I discovered WinDev. I chose my next applications will be built with WinDev and not anything other softwares/technologies.

Why ? For a lot of good reasons, even if I like Android Studio.

The first one it's because it's not only Android, you can make an application once and publish it on every platform.

The second point is how much it's easy making something in a pair of minutes. The editor permits to be concentrated on the UX part, WinDev take in charge all other things that you would have to do with Android Studio. You can automate things by hand - without code-, then you're sure to don't break things.

The WLanguage is simplified thanks to the IDE and the standard library is full of functions ! That's a good point to make things faster : stopping to implement our own ones.

This is an example to send an e-mail :

smtpSession is EmailSMTPSession
smtpSession.ServerAddress = ""
smtpSession.Name = "user"

myEmail is Email
myEmail.Sender = ""
myEmail.Subject= "You should watch this !"
myEmail.Message= "" 

EmailSendMessage(smtpSession, myEmail)

I find that fast and easy to read.

More than the language, the editor is amazing ! You have a lot of UI things already made for you and you have only one thing to do : slide them to your window. WinDev creation bar.png

This is a dumb screenshot to introduce the fact that WinDev is very data-oriented and managing databases or making graphics, tables, "browsing Looper controls" is simple. Then you can select your database and WinDev will fill up each part, according to what you selected. browsing looper controls.png

You can also create windows and control templates, in two seconds. I haven't found a solution better than the WinDev's one in Android Studio (I remember I was obligated to make XML code and update properties for the Dark Mode one...)

This article would be too long if was showing everything you can do with WinDev. That's true, everything that can be done with WinDev is possible with Android Studio, but trust me it's much more difficult without WinDev.

This product isn't free, but nothing here to promote, I only wanted to say why I love WinDev. If you like your technologies, keep them and enjoy. I also enjoy open-source and free projects as you can see on my Github

Thanks for reading this article :) See you soon !

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